Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It Week #10

It's time for another Monday Made It linky party woot woot! Hosted by Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.  We are headed to Michigan for a quick grandparents visit later this week so this past week has been "get ready for school week!" I'm excited to send my daughter to first grade, but am sad at the same time. It's been so great spending the summer with her. Every day has been a new adventure - she is so full of life and excitement! We've had fun this week with some back to school projects.       

A few weeks ago on Etsy I saw some awesome zebra print pocket folders. I had that "I have to get these" thought pop in my head and came super close to pressing that purchase button and spending *gulp* $32 on 4 pocket folders, but I didn't. Luckily, the rational side of my brain took over and I thought "hmm I bet I could make something like that for cheaper!" Off we went to Staples where we purchased four 2-pocket folders plus some Avery full sheet label paper for around $15.
When we came home I logged onto Teachers Pay Teachers in search of zebra print background paper. After a quick search on Teachers Pay Teachers I found a store named Jax and Jake that had just what I needed - leopard and zebra print digital papers in 14 different color combinations! I paired the digital paper with a cute frame from Ink n Things and added Dixie's name to the frame with Hello Sweetie Pie font (by Jen Jones). I printed the pages, attached them to the folders and voila - 4 personalized zebra print folders just waiting to be filled with first grade goodies!

Of course being an animal print obsessed 6 year old, Dixie loves them! *Score 1 for mom!*
After spending all that time on Dixie, I decided it was time to make something I enjoyed. Subway art is huge on Pinterest nowadays so I decided to give it a try! I headed over to (an amazingly easy editing website) and started creating an Algebra themed subway art poster. I printed out a list of algebra vocabulary words I wanted on my poster, uploaded a chalkboard paper background to picmonkey, and started adding text. I really love how it came out! For right now I am going to print it out and hang it by my desk. I think it'd look awesome hung in a classroom though too! To download and print your own copy you can click on the picture below. This should take you to a Dropbox page where you can download the print to your computer. 
I'm thinking of doing a geometry themed one next (they are addicting!!) what do you think?

Quick summary - made it #1 was for my daughter. made it #2 was for me. So, made it #3 is of course for.......Dixie's soon to be first grade teacher! While we were out school supply shopping one of the cheapest items I saw were pencil boxes. Pencil boxes can be used for so many things! For $0.50 I couldn't help but pick up a few extra! One of those extra boxes was turned into a teacher survival kit this week. 
I printed out a small label, and used double sided tape to attach it (double sided tape is amazing, isn't it?!?)
We then filled the inside with things any teacher might need for that first week of school. Advil, band aids, a nail file, chap stick, a sharpie, hand sanitizer, post it notes, tic tacs, zebra print pens (bet you don't know who picked those out!), and of course, CHOCOLATE. Hopefully Dixie's new teacher appreciates it.
I really enjoyed creating this week in preparation for the new school year. Have you been preparing for school too? I hope everyone has an enjoyable week. 

For all of my teacher friends out there make sure to stop by Teachers Pay Teachers today Aug. 4th and tomorrow Aug. 5th for the annual Back to School Sale! Save up to 28% in EVERY store using promo code BTS14 at check out. This is the perfect time to stock up on everything you need for the upcoming school year!

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  1. LOVE the gift for the teacher! How adorable! I, too, love Zebra Print. Going to head over and pick me up some of that!