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Math is Real Life: Thanksgiving Holiday Expenses

Math is Real Life:  Thanksgiving Holiday Expenses
Some of my fellow Math TpTers host a  monthly link up called “Math is Real Life.” I’ve gone through and read all of the previous posts – and LOVE it! I’m so excited to link up this month! 
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I use math every day -  mostly, for budgeting. Thanksgiving is coming up and my husband asked me to figure out what extra Thanksgiving holiday expenses I expect – so that he can include it in our budget for this month.

 There are 4 main parts of our Thanksgiving holiday expenses.
We budget around $700 for grocery money each month. This year we will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for part of our family, so there will be extra grocery expenses from that. Since school is out the entire week of Thanksgiving, and since my husband is off work that week, we also plan to do some traveling, which means we’ll need extra gas money set aside! I’m super glad cyber Monday ends up in December this year – so any money we spend then will come from either December’s budget, or our Christmas savings account. However, black Friday spending money needs to be budgeted from our November pay checks, or from our Christmas savings account.

Food Budget:
Turkey Breast: $25
Stuffing: $2
Cranberry Sauce: $2
Gravy: $1.50
Potatoes: $4
Green Bean Casserole: $6
Pie: $8
Total: $48.50

I purchased fall themed napkins last year on clearance, and I have loads of heavy duty paper plates, so I'm set on that (yay!!)
Gold Leaf Place Cards: $4
(Take a maple leaf, spray with gold spray paint, then use permanent marker to write name)
Candles: $10
Ribbon to put around Candles: $6
Total: $20

Gasoline Money:
We plan to travel approx. 1000 extra miles Thanksgiving week.
If gas stays around $2.80 (it’s $2.67 right now – yay!!) and our Camry gets around 30miles per gallon we’ll need less than 34 gallons of gasoline with puts the approximate total at:  $95.20

Black Friday:
This one is hard! I haven’t seen anything in any ads that I *have* to purchase yet. However, I know that no matter what sometime this winter I will be purchasing a tool for my husband that costs $250. I am going to go ahead and set my Black Friday budget at $300. If I do not find gifts for anyone else – I’ll at least purchase my husband's Christmas gift.

Total Thanksgiving Holiday Expenses: $463.70
Note: $300 is going towards gifts!

Now that we have an expected amount, it can be stuck into our budget for the month, which will prevent us from overspending! No surprises!

Where do you see/use math in real life?

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  1. Great post on a VERY real math subject! I'm sure many people are starting to have this conversation as the holidays are sneaking up!

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Jamie aka MissMathDork