Friday, January 2, 2015

My New Years Resolution

I start every year with a few resolutions. They are usually the normal things like "lose weight," "eat healthy," "be happy," etc. I am 27 though and can not remember ever being able to look back on Dec. 31st of a year and say "I did it! I kept my resolutions!" Heck, I don't even remember what my 2014 resolutions were.......This year I plan to change that. I have one resolution and I am 100% dedicated to keeping it. When 2016 rolls around I KNOW I will be able to look back on the year and feel a sense of accomplishment at finally following through. So, without further ado, My resolution for 2015:
One way I plan to keep that resolution is by using my TpT profits to support a cause that is near and dear to my heart - Operation Underground Railroad. The people behind Operation Underground Railroad work to save children being held as sex slaves and to apprehend those running child sex ring organizations. For 2015 I pledge to donate a minimum of 10% of all profits made by 4 the Love of Math LLC to this organization. No one in the world should ever be forced into slavery - least of all a child. 

Personally, I feel like there are things in the world that are so disgustingly horrible they are almost unbelievable. We don't talk about these things often, and we hardly acknowledge that young children are being sold as sex slaves. Sadly, ignoring things like the child sex slave trade doesn't make it go away. One thing that really stuck out to me while watching various videos from this organization, and reading various pieces of literature about it was one of the men who began the organization saying that the child sex traffickers "never look like bad guys." The people committing these crimes look like you and I; they look like regular people. It's hard for those of us who are just regular people to believe that someone committing such horrendous crimes can look so normal, but they do! 

I am so amazed at what this organization is doing to bring attention to the horrific plague that is child sex trafficking,  What got me interested in this organization was a movie trailer I happened upon one day. It is a movie about the individuals who are running the Operation Underground Railroad organization. One of the best ways to attack evil is to acknowledge it exists, talk about it, and support those who are on the front lines fighting it. To learn more about this amazing organization visit their website here:

In closing, I wanted to share this YouTube video posted by the Operation Underground Railroad about a rescue they completed. It is very hard to watch, what is happening to children around the world (an estimated 2,000,000 of them!!) is sickening. But, I hope the movie is watched so that the plight of these children becomes real. Knowledge is Power!

 ******If you are interested in supporting this cause and becoming an abolitionist (yes that's what a supporter is - abolitionist: a person who advocates or supports the abolition of slavery!) you can make a donation here: If you sign up to contribute $5 a month you receive a free t-shirt (sign up to donate $25/month & you receive a shirt and a necklace!). Donations are tax deductible.

I would love for you to join me in my resolution and do more good this year too!

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