Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It Week #9

I don't think I've ever been so excited for Mondays! It's Monday Made It Link Up Time again with  Tara from 4th Grade Frolics! Seriously browsing the links have been so much fun! This week I've been slacking a little bit and haven't made much. Lucky for you guys, the rest of my family has made up for my lack of creativeness this week! So without further ado.....

My daughter Dixie is 6 and really artistic! In last weeks "Monday Made It" post I shared that I follow a blog by Amber that I love called Crazy Little Projects. Amber recently posted a tutorial for a kids paper bag journal that awesome (and cheap!). We decided to follow the tutorial to make a mini scrap book! It was SUPER easy and so much fun! We took 5 brown paper bags (sandwich bags) and folded them in half (which you can see in the top left picture). Next ,we stapled the bags together at the fold. We logged onto Facebook (which sadly is where 90% of my pictures are stored) and Dixie picked out some pictures that she wanted to put in the book. After a quick run to Walgreens to pick up our prints I pulled out some old scrapbooking supplies and Dixie went to work. She mastered cutting with my paper trimmer, then matched up scrapbook paper and photos to create the pages shown below. I'm surprised at how sturdy the paper bags are - she puts loads of elmer's glue on everything, but it's stayed together nicely!
She figured out how to fit everything together all on her own. I love that she put the Ariel picture off center, and cut around the castle so she could add the heart stickers (does anyone else have kids who are obsessed with animal prints? Half of the stickers in her book are animal print! We went school clothes shopping this past week and no surprise, everything she picked out was animal print too!)

Monday Made It #2 is courtesy of my husband. He is an engineer by trade but for the past year has been dabbling is woodworking. He's had no formal training but has taught himself how to do amazing things by watching YouTube videos. You have no idea what large deliveries are until the UPS man starts dropping off multiple 70lb. boxes full of wood! This is a box he just completed.
This box is made up of 11 different types of wood. The base is made of walnut that his grandfather cut down and kept in his shop for 60+ years. Box hinges are crazy expensive (my husband spent $60 on hinges for the first box he made!). Instead of putting hinges on this box, he inserted magnets in the lid and base of the box which keeps it together. It is a really pretty box!

Made it #3 is another product update. A few weeks ago I decided I needed to work on updating the products I have in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The bulk of products were created last summer - I have learned a lot about presentation since then! The 2 products I updated this week are my "working with exponents task card sets". I have 2 sets in my store because my students needed a lot of practice when it came to exponents. Set 1 is what I call the "easy set." Students only need to know basic exponent rules to complete this set. The expressions are fairly simple ones to simplify. Set 2 is a more difficult set. It has much more complex expressions for students to practice. This updated version of the cards features chevron backgrounds, cleaner font, and a much nicer looking recording sheet for students to use!
These task cards work great with a game I came up with to play in my own classroom called "Speed Math." I plan to blog about this game soon, but for now if you are interested you can download free instructions by clicking "Speed Math" above. It's a great way to use task cards for any subject, and with any grade!
Anyways though, that concludes our families "Monday Made Its". Thanks for stopping by!
 I am off to check off the other Monday Made It Projects now, and you should too. To check out the other projects visit 4th Grade Frolics Page!



  1. Just found your blog thought Monday made it! I love math blogs!

    The Math Maniac

    1. Me too! Your blog name is adorable - I love it!

  2. I've seen that paper bag scrapbook before. Thanks for reminding me and posting another example. So cute for kids to make.
    Kidpeople Classroom

    1. Paper bags are cheap too which I thought was an extra plus! :)