Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Get This Blogging Thing Started!

Hi, I'm Randi! I grew up in South Florida, and now live in Alabama (roll tide!!) One day after my original college plans fell through - I was going to be a nurse but, nursing is NOT a good career for someone who faints when they hear a story that involves blood or sees blood - someone advised me to think about what I love and pursue a career that went along with it.

It took me about 5minutes to realize I love math. I love that math can be basic enough that a toddler can understand it, but also difficult enough that there are problems that are unsolvable. I love that 6+6 is always going to be 12 -- Kindergarten teachers don't ask students to interpret what 6+6 "could mean", they ask what it is! I love that math is fun! We get to use imaginary numbers - and we have a definition for those imaginary numbers!

I truly love math and everything it can be used for. So, I decided my "calling" in life was to be a math teacher. When I was in college and told my friends that I was pursuing a degree in math so that I could be a secondary math teacher I faced a lot of criticism. There are a LOT of people in the world who say or think that they hate math. I quickly realized that my friends and fellow students didn't truly hate math - they hated math class while they were in middle and high school. Why did they hate math class? I believe it was because their teachers didn't try to share a love of math with their classes. All teachers have subject matter they are required to cover. Some teachers choose to relay information to their students through lecture only. Students sit in a classroom in straight rows, keep their mouths shut, take notes, and complete practice problems out of a book. This style of teaching is boring! Students lose interest. They daydream. Then, they grow up thinking that sitting at a desk with their mouth closed is math. I mean hello! of course that makes math seem boring!

You do not have to have a boring math class! You can be the math teacher EVERY student HAS to have! I have lots of ideas on how to share a love of math with students, which is why I decided to create this blog! I plan to share resources and ideas that I have, and hope it will help make your life easier! I've taught 8th grade math, Algebra, Algebra II and Geometry (Algebra is secretly my favorite!) Planning fun activities, and creating interesting notes can be difficult. I understand, promise! But, the smiles, and excitement you will see from your students when you take the time to make math fun is so worth it! 

Extra tidbits about me:  I have the sweetest little girl - who is growing up way too fast! (1st grade this fall!) My husband is an engineer and a saint. He puts up with way more from me than he should! We also have a dog named Ziva (yes after the NCIS Ziva!) My favorite color is purple and I currently LOVE chevron :)

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