Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet 25+ Teachers Pay Teacher Sellers & Print Free Resources!

Something I really believe in is the Teachers pay Teachers site. Resources from the site made my life so much easier as a teacher. Before I discovered the site I would spend literally all of my time creating resources to use in the classroom. I would wake up at 5, make it to my classroom around 5:30. Work on making plans until school started at 7:30. Work all day, only to go home and work on classroom materials until midnight every night taking a short break to eat dinner. I had no time to spend with my family and was miserable. Finding teachers pay teachers made life as a teacher a whole lot easier. I was able to use the search feature to find fantastic resources that were easy to prepare and easy to implement.

The resources on Teachers pay Teachers are different from those you can find in brick & mortar teacher supply stores. These resources are created by actual teachers. The main goal of the majority of sellers (myself included) is to help teachers. We work really hard to include clear instructions on how to use each item, and strive to provide superior customer service. We KNOW that teachers are underpaid and under a lot of pressure. Teaching is not easy! Lesson planning on your own is not easy!
Those of you who do not sell items on Teachers pay Teachers may not realize this, but behind the scenes there is a lot of collaboration. We are working really hard to introduce the site to more secondary teachers. If you have ever used an item from the site you know how great the site is. There are thousands of free items that can be downloaded and used right away, along with high quality, affordable resources for nearly every subject!

A few of the sellers on Teachers pay Teachers came up with an awesome idea of creating eBooks that introduce those who shop on the site, to some of us who sell on the site. These eBooks are for secondary teachers only! (Yay!!!) Each seller introduced in the pages creates at least some resources specifically for 6-12th grades.  Along with introduction pages, each of us who participated included a printable NO PREP resource!  These e-books are filled with awesome teachers, little insights into each sellers' life, and resources that are easy to implement in your classroom.  They're pretty amazing. The 3 books include things for: Science & Math, Humanities, & ELA.  I was included in the book for Science & Math and have really enjoyed learning more about my fellow secondary teachers.

I included a page from one of my geometry interactive notebooks:
You can download my page here:
Downloading my page here (rather than just printing it from the other eBook links) helps a little bit because this link has a few extra directions which make the page even easier to use!

And all of the eBooks by following the links below!

 If you download the books make sure to leave feedback! Those who have the books listed in their stores worked really hard to put these together!

Have a great weekend (and if you have fall break this week – enjoy it!!)

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