Monday, October 20, 2014

Secondary Math Halloween Resource Round Up!

Halloween Resource Round Up:

I feel like holidays should be taken advantage of in the classroom. It doesn’t matter how old your students are – they are bound to be (at least a little!) excited about upcoming holidays.

One way to capitalize on that excitement is to incorporate those holidays into the classroom using fun activities. Below is a round up of some secondary math Halloween themed activities I found on Teachers pay Teachers. They all look like a lot of fun!


(shameless promotion – I created this PowerPoint game!)
There are 8 pumpkin in the PowerPoint. When a pumpkin is touched, it’ll show an order of operations question for students to solve.

Scaffolded Math and Science created a super neat way for students to review identifying points on a coordinate plane. The task cards have a fun, spider web border, and the graph is full of fun Halloween clip art.

Found at Activities By Jill is a fun riddle sheet. It has students find the answer to a riddle by performing basic fraction operations. Even if you aren’t working on fraction operations this month – this may be a sheet you can use. Fraction operations have never been a topic I was supposed to cover, but one I’ve found necessary to review every year with students. 

Juice up your normal warm up/exit tickets with fun Halloween themed clip art by one of my favorite clip artists – Krista Walden.

Priced Resources ( below $5.00)

This resource from Secondary Math Shop has 15 problems students must complete to solve a Halloween Riddle!

These 10 Halloween Themed task cards created by Teaching High School Math have QR codes that will help incorporate technology into your classroom! These cards are super cute!

By Lisa Blagus, students will solve 10 two step equation problems which will help them determine what colors they should use to color the Halloween pictures. Color by number pictures are so fun to hang around the classroom for decoration after students complete them!

Created by 4mulaFun, this activity set is PERFECT for working on proportions. The thumbnail picture shows an adorable, fun candy corn foldable!

If your students are working on point slope form this month, check out Lindsay Perro’s Halloween themed coloring activity! There are 10 problems students solve to determine which colors they need to color sections of the totally adorable coloring page.

Christi Squires has created a PowerPoint game template that looks spooktacular! This would work great if you are teaching multiple subjects. You can purchase the template, then add your own questions to fit the needs of each of your classes!

Mathtechy has a super cute, Halloween themed QR code scavenger hunt on evaluating expressions for a given value. There are 9 stations. Each station has a question card which has a ghost on it. Students scan the QR code inside the ghost. This scavenger hunt would be a fun way to help students use up some of their energy!  

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If you download or purchase any of these, make sure to leave feedback! Those of us who create and post to teachers pay teachers LOVE feedback! Good feedback can brighten someones day!


  1. I'd like to add another Halloween resource - hope you like it!:

    1. I just added it to the list - looks like a great Halloween week activity! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for putting this post together and sharing one of my resources. Sharing now! :)

    1. Thank you for sharing! I realized that the TpT search parameters limit users a bit - they can set the parameters to show them Halloween themed resources OR math resources. Makes it difficult to find math Halloween resources. Your Halloween coloring page is adorable & would be so fun to hang around the classroom!

  3. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I work with a fifth grader on ninth grade math topics and I have the hardest time finding fun themed things to do with him. He is only 11 and really likes things like this!

    The Math Maniac

    1. That is so awesome he is able to do 9th grade work in 5th grade, wow!! I'm hope he enjoys some of these activities!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! That is very thoughtful of you. (I am Scaffolded Math and Science)

    1. I love your task cards! They are so unique and fun! After I posted this I visited your blog and realized you posted that these cards were only going to be free for a limited time - if you put a price on them (which I think you should do - they are totally worth paying for!) let me know & I'll move them to the priced list :)

    2. Thank you! I think I'll leave these free, even though my original plan was to make them paid later. I am going to make similar task cards for other seasons and holidays (as soon as I get around to it!) Thank you so much for adding me to your [oh so wonderful!] blog!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring me! (Teaching High School Math)